About Us

PAINTING CLASS AND PAINT PARTY EVENTS! - Drink, Paint and Create. We host painting classes, paint events, social paint parties at local bars and lounges. Come join us for a low stress, low cost paint night event!

Grab a drink and sip wine with us. Join us for a paint along session as we host Painting Classes and paint party events at a cool local lounge, bar, restaurant. Our art sessions is taught by a local artist for an evening of creative fun, girls nite out filled with paint, drinks and laughter!

Relax and be creative in a fun social setting where an experienced artist will guide the class event step-by-step through replicating a featured painting.

No previous experience required. • Art supplies and art teacher included! • Everyone is guaranteed to leave with a painting they can be proud of. It's a easy going, fun, non-judgement way to learn how to paint and meet new friends. Come with your own group of friends, coworkers, school mates and have a great time painting together. You can smile, drink, laugh and just be creative in personalizing your very own painting that would “surprisingly” come out just looking amazing in your own signature style!

Paint. Drink. Laugh and Party! Many people find our painting class events therapeutic and rewarding! Painting Circle is all about making art accessible to everyone and anyone without any experience and away from stuffy classes and teachers who are too serious to know how to have a good time. We change all that!

Painting Circle class events are perfect for beginners and it's an excellent way to do something “different” and creative which really helps people relieve stress from their day to day work or school life. It's also a great way to decorate your apartment because you are sure to go home with a painting you can be proud of.

Check out our painting class event schedule in your area on our Local Painting Classes